lördag 23 januari 2010

I've Gotta Feeling LYRICS

I've Gotta Feeling
Lyrics: Sarah Schneider and Kevin Corrigan
Music produced by: Morgan Whirledge
© Collegehumor Music 2009

I've got a feeling

Like last night wasn't such a good night

Cause my head really doesn't feel right

And god dammit, the sun is too, too bright

My leg is bleeding

And my clothes smell like they might ignite

And I guess at some point I stole a kite

And my girlfriend and I had a huge, huge fight

My brains on fire

Drank way too much

Swallow an Advil

Then throw it up

Can't find my cell phone

Oh, there it is

It's in the toaster

12 messages

I know you ignored my calls

cause you made out with Karen

Don't lie, Rachel saw

I hate you, don't call me, you sad sack of shit

By the way, to get even I showed Mike my tits

Shit, shit, shit, shit

So that was bad

I messed up

But Karen Patrick, damn that girls... Hot!

This must be her

Well done monsieur

Oh Karen Blatt?

I'm gonna throw up again

Like today's gonna be a long day

God, I wish Mickey D's had a buffet

And I increasingly think I broke my leg

Cause I can't feel it

And I vaguely remember a slight fray

Holy crap, it's my mom. What do I say?

Cause I can't let her take my car away

Last night was fun (DRINK!)

I studied hard (DON'T BE A BITCH!)

I wrote an essay (COLLEGE!)

About the Bard (Shakespeare's gay)

Went to bed early (BEER RUN!)

I'm eating right (This is so good)

Another call, Mom.

I love you... Too!

Hey pumpkin bear (Sup?)

I messed up

I drank tequila (What the hell?)

It fu**** me... up

I love you Gina (Karen Blatt?)

I made mistakes (Woo!)

Wait, I did what?

Now I remember again

I caughr Mike, threw a punch

Thought that he droppped-drop-drop-drop

He got up, grabbed a bat

Too drunk to block-block-block-block

Hit my leg, really hard

Blacked out from shock-shock-shock

Woke up here, so now I know

Let's start from the top

I've got a feeling

That last night was a freaking great night

That I got in a really sweet fight

And above all I now own an awsome kite

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